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My name is Aidan Pace. I've been programming for just over 10 years now, and have been developing professional software for the last 5. I'm a full stack developer with an emphasis on back-end development, and I have experience with various databases, web frameworks, desktop application design, and cloud architecting.

Software Engineer

"Dreams have a nasty habit of going bad when you're not looking." - Sir Maximum Payne

  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • CS Experience:
  • Favorite Language: Python
  • Seeking Work: Not Right Now


Believe it or not, the below figures are all real numbers, and are as close to accurate as I care to determine. If you want proof of anything claimed below, I have verifiable data backing up each statistic available here.

Professional Projects completed within budget and ahead of schedule

Lines of Code written during my career, probably

Songs in my personal Spotify playlist

Days without a workplace accident (I work out of my basement)


Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure to work with various languages, technologies, and software. Not all are created equal, nor do I have the same proficiency in each one.

System Design 80%
AWS 85%
Serverless Architecture 70%
Front-End Design 40%
Python 90%
PHP 65%
SQL 65%
Java 50%


Here's a brief synopsis of my time on this Earth; time spent working with software, that is.


Aidan Pace

Experienced back-end developer with a keen interest in system design. Works well with business analysts and project managers to deliver quality products in a timely manner. Comfortable with implementation of cloud-native technology to drive large projects and business initiatives. Provides guidance and support to junior team members, and enjoys collaborative work with others in the field.

  • Located in Baltimore, MD


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

2012 - 2017

University of Florida, Gainesville FL

Strong focus on software design, with a minor in electrical engineering.

  • Object Oriented Design Patterns
  • Mobile Development
  • Computer Security
  • Data Science

Professional Experience

Enterprise Architect

2018 - Present

Kuehne-Nagel Inc., Memphis TN

  • Scopes development effort and fully designs solutions for new projects.
  • Works with business analysts to distill customer needs into technical requirements.
  • Implements solutions using AWS components to ensure resiliency and low-cost operation.
  • Maintains and develops new features for enterprise scale Django application.

Information Systems Specialist

2016 - 2018

Florida Administrative Law Reports, Gainesville FL

  • Managed domain names and web presence for business, making updates when needed.
  • Developed Java applications to boost efficiency of in-office processes.
  • Modernized code maintenance and deployment procedures by implementing Git workflows.


A small sampling of some of my past work, personal projects, and favorite places around the web.

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  • Personal Projects
  • Development Showcases
  • Favorite Websites


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